Dewayne House

Prior to joining Camfil (formerly Farr Company) in 1986, Dewayne House had a maintenance and machining background. Over the last 32 years, he has worked in numerous capacities. He began in the maintenance area, with a focus in electrical controls. During the development of the Farr Gold Series dust collector, Dewayne moved to the Research and Development department. He then worked as the Field Service Tech, troubleshooting, maintaining and assisting in the installation of hundreds of dust collections systems all over the United States and five other countries. Over the next few years, Dewayne managed the production areas of both the filter and Farr Gold Series manufacturing areas. Dewayne moved to Sales where he was a Regional Sales Manager before accepting the challenge of UK Project Manager, supervising the start-up of a new manufacturing plant in Heywood, England. Currently, Dewayne is the Field Service Manager, where he oversees the Camfil APC service department team and troubleshoots equipment issues.

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper has been with Camfil APC since 2005. He started his industrial filtration career as a filter design drafter. After gaining a few years of product training in the engineering department at Camfil APC, he joined the aftermarket sales team as the dedicated Technical Support Specialist, and has since been dedicated to supporting the Camfil APC sales team and customer base.

Andy Thomason

Andy Thomason, Camfil APC's Senior Applications Specialist, is a mechanical engineer with 30+ years instructing, and is a Planning Committee Member at the Industrial Ventilation Conference – Birmingham, AL. Andy has a vast knowledge of fans, dust collection, room pressurization, and system design.