Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson has been with Camfil Air Pollution Control since 2008 and has worked in and around manufacturing industries for almost 24 years. He started in Research and Development Engineering and shortly moved on to a Field Service Manager position which he held for a couple of years, handling troubleshooting and servicing of dust collectors as well as training others on maintenance and construction aspects of the equipment. He also served as High Bay Production Manager and Technical Departments Manager with the company until taking over the role of Quality, Safety and Continuous Improvement Manager in July of 2016. Brian also helps manage the maintenance training programs as well as helping with service calls, customer needs and warranty items in our Jonesboro, AR facility.

Mike Walters

Mike Walters, Lewellyn Technology LLC's Engineering Manager, Combustible Dust Division, has served as Camfil APC's instructor for NFPA Standards Training since 2011. Mike has 36 years of experience in manufacturing, design and installation of industrial ventilation systems, dust collectors, and combustible dust explosion controls. Mike also performs dust hazard analysis and reporting. Mike holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Memphis, and has a P.E. certification in Mechanical Engineering. Mike also holds the distinction of having designed the first inlet isolation valve manufactured in North America to meet EN 16447. Mike's extensive work with NFPA includes: NFPA Technical Committees, Principle Member of Committee for Handling & Conveying of Dusts, Vapors and Gases (NFPA 91, 654 & 655). Mike is also a past member on NFPA Committees for: NFPA 61 NFPA 91 NFPA 484 NFPA 654 NFPA 655 NFPA 664.

Jason Reason

Jason Reason is Combustible Dust, Safety & Health Consultant at Lewellyn Technology LLC. Jason's expertise includes service on multiple NFPA technical committees, including: Chair of Committee for Wood & Cellulosic Materials (NFPA 664); Principal Member of Committee for Handling & Conveying of Dusts, Vapors and Gases (NFPA 91, 654 & 655); Principal Member of Committee for Fundamentals of Combustible Dusts (NFPA 652); Principal Member of Flash Fire Protective Garment Committee (NFPA 2112 & 2113); and member of Correlating Committee for Combustible Dusts (governs all NFPA combustible dust committees).

Rick Kreczmer

Rick Kreczmer has been in the industrial air filtration industry since 1997. He has held various aftermarket and foremarket positions with installation contractors and air filtration equipment manufactures. He has been with Camfil APC since 2006 with a focus in sales management. He first worked in the Upper Midwest developing and growing the distribution network. In 2008 he moved to the UK to develop business throughout Europe. In 2013 he returned to America. His focus in Jonesboro has been the US aftermarket program. He also manages the sales training programs in Jonesboro and is a trainer for new sales employees and the sales and technical programs.

Andy Thomason

Andy Thomason, Camfil APC's Southeastern Sales Engineer, is a mechanical engineer with 30+ years instructing, and is a Planning Committee Member at the Industrial Ventilation Conference – Birmingham. Andy has a vast knowledge of fans, dust collection, room pressurization, and system design.

Dewayne House

Prior to joining Camfil (formerly Farr Company) in 1986, Dewayne House had a maintenance and machining background. Over the last 31 years, he has worked in numerous capacities. He began in the maintenance area, with a focus in electrical controls. During the development of the Gold Series dust collector, Dewayne moved to the Research and Development department. He then worked as the Field Service Tech, troubleshooting, maintaining and assisting in the installation of hundreds of dust collections systems all over the United States and five other countries. Over the next few years, Dewayne managed the production areas of both the filter and Gold Series manufacturing areas. Dewayne moved to Sales where he was a Regional Sales Manager before accepting the challenge of UK Project Manager, supervising the start-up of a new manufacturing plant in Heywood, England. Currently, Dewayne is the Field Service Manager, where oversees the Camfil service department team and troubleshoots equipment issues.

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper has been with Camfil APC since 2005. He started his industrial filtration career as a filter design drafter. After gaining a few years of product training in the engineering department at Camfil APC, he joined the aftermarket sales team as the dedicated Technical Sales and Support Specialist. Ever since, he has been dedicated to supporting the Camfil sales team and customer base.

Marsha Johansen

Following a career in outside sales and sales management, Marsha Johansen came to Camfil APC in 2006, working as an aftermarket account specialist and later as a sales manager. In 2010, she became the APC training manager, playing a large part in establishing what has become Camfil APC University. Marsha is responsible for all aspects of planning and execution that involve guest visits to our Jonesboro facility.