The Need for Education

The science, technology and application of dust and fume collection principles and equipment is important. Keeping your facility clean and safe improves your efficiency, makes your employees happier, and improves your profitability.

But it's not always easy to keep the air in your factory or facility clean. Nor is it always simple to ensure compliance with the latest government regulations in your area.

An Emphasis on Learning

For many years, Camfil APC has provided a wide range of dust collection products to the market, enabling facility owners, manager, and safety personnel to keep the work environment clean and safe while maintaining cost effectiveness.

We've launched Camfil APC University because more is needed than simply putting great products in the workplace. Proper education on the equipment, and in the principles of industrial air management will benefit end users and maintainance personnel as they work to keep the workplace clean and safe. Our instructors have many years of combined experience in meeting and overcoming the challenges of dust collection system design. They've studied the applicable government regulations, and know how they can be safely complied with at the best possible price point.

So let our experience become your experience as you learn about industrial dust collection with us here at Camfil APC University.

An Enjoyable Experience

All that learning doesn't mean drudgery at Camfil APC University. Our unique mix of engaging instruction combined with southern hospitality at our campus in Jonesboro, Arkansas leaves our students feeling ready to get started with solving the problem of dirty air in the workplace.

So take a look at our training programs, and decide which is best for you and your situation. We look forwarding to learning with you!