Are there any prerequisites for me to participate?

Sometimes. Make sure to carefully read the course description(s) found on the Programs page, which will outline any prerequisites for your training.

What is the cost of the training?

Special Offer: Normally the cost for any of our training is $1,195 per person. As an added value to our customers, we are currently waiving all training fees. Camfil APC will pay for two nights’ lodging; if additional nights are requested, we'll add to your existing reservation and it will be your responsibility to cover the charges at checkout.

Do I need to make my own hotel reservations?

No. Once we receive your registration we will book two nights' lodging for you at a local hotel. Cost for two nights will be paid by Camfil. You will receive a confirmation within a few days of registering.

If you have indicated on your registration that a hotel room is needed for a third night, we will add it to your reservation and you will need to take care of charges for the additional night at checkout.

Under normal circumstances you do not need an additional night. Training will end at 3:00P on the last day. If you book a flight out of Memphis at 6:00P or later you will have plenty of time.

Where will training be held?

Training is held at our facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Address and instructions:

Camfil APC 3505 S. Airport Road Jonesboro, AR 72401

Enter at either of the two "Main Office" entrances by the flagpoles. The property is gated. Pull up to the keypad and follow the instructions on the keypad. An operator will open the gate for you. Take the drive around to the back building with a solid green roof. Enter at the door under the "Main Office" sign. Training begins at 8:00 a.m. Our office is 10 minutes from your hotel.

What is the nearest airport?

Memphis International Airport, which is 78 miles from Jonesboro. Travel time to Jonesboro is 1.25 hours. If you live in certain parts of the midwest you may be able to fly directly into Jonesboro via Air Choice One. Check this link:

What is the dress code during the training?

Our dress code is casual - jeans, khakis, polo shirt. (No shorts please.) Steel-toed shoes required.

Am I required to bring personal protection equipment (PPE) with me?

Yes, steel-toed shoes are required, as well as safety glasses.

Will I need a rental car? Can you suggest an airport shuttle service?

You will need transportation to Jonesboro; a rental car will be the best value. If you prefer a shuttle service you may make arrangements directly with:

Empire Luxury Transportation - email address:; Phone: (870) 351-3215. Shuttles to or from Memphis International Airport are:
One way to Memphis - $129.00 One way from Memphis - $149.00 (includes $20.00 airport surcharge for pickups) Roundtrip - $137.50 per trip = $275.00 total (Any driver gratuity would be in addition to this fee.)